Friday, 9 November 2012

Today is 'Contact Susumu Fujita Day'

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Let's all make an effort today to send an email, Facebook, G+ or Twitter message to Susumu Fujita today. He is the president of CyberAgent, Inc., the creators of Ameba Pico.

Copy and paste the messages below* ...

(Translation: I play Ameba Pico. I have many friends in the game. I will lose connection with many of them when the game closes. I have invested my time, my money and my emotions in this game for many months. Please reconsider your decision and continue Ameba Pico.)
By Twitter to @susumu_fujita or @FujitaSusumuBot

@susumu_fujita, @FujitaSusumuBot: アメーバピコを守る嘆願書にサインしました。これを読む時間を作ってください。 #AmebaPico #petition #SavePico
(Translation: I have signed #petitions to save #AmebaPico. Please take the time to read them: #SavePico)
* Warning: Do not be rude, offensive or harassing in any of your messages to Mister Fujita or any Ameba Staff.

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